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Why Ford Expressway is the Best Car Rental for Uber, SkipTheDishes and Others

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

When we started three years ago, Ford Expressway was truly as unique service. No other company at that time rented cars to drivers wishing to drive for rideshare apps. Soon enough, we increased our operations to include delivery drivers. Today, not only are we the originators of this mode of service, but the success of our drivers has proven that we are also the market leaders.

How are we different from our competitors?

Well, for one, we aren't a large multinational company that treats drivers as a number. For us, each driver is important. And it is equally important that you earn a respectable income from the work you do while renting our cars.

How do we accomplish this? We tell you all the rates upfront - in the first point of contact. There are no catches. This is not a phone package full of surprises. We tell you what it costs you and how much you can look to earn (which is usually a lot).

We are in this business because it works - it has helped countless men and women earn a respectable income while working on their own terms.

Two things differentiate us from our main competitors. You can drive anywhere in Southern Ontario: we don't limit you to the Greater Toronto Area. Secondly, we don't ask for your credit card information and charge you large sums at the start. We know why you want to rent a car for ride sharing or delivery: because you do not have the money or don't want to spend too much money right away to purchase or finance a vehicle. Wouldn't it be counter intuitive if we rented it to you by charging you large initial fees?

What's Our USP?

The age old marketing adage: what's the USP? There are many: there is absolutely no other way for you to get a car for ride sharing or delivery services in Southern Ontario at such initial costs. Want to drive anywhere in southern Ontario for DoorDash? We are here to help. Want to do delivery for restaurants like Nafisa Mississauga and need a car? We are here to help. Even our weekly rental fee is lesser than any other service out there. This is all made possible by the partnerships that we have with car manufacturers and insurance providers out there.

We ultimately leave it to the drivers to come to us. After all, it's a decision that represents your career and work. All we can say is that almost 95 percent of the drivers who rent with us, are still doing so after more than a year. This speaks volumes for our member services and our commitment to treating you as a part of our extensive family.

If you are based in Southern Ontario (GTA, Waterloo, Hamilton or anywhere near these areas), signing up for Ford Expressway's Car Rental Membership is as easy as calling (226)666-3611.

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