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We offer a complete service
so you can focus on the road ahead

Introducing Expressway Driver Services - Designed to save you money and make driving easier

Joining Expressway isn’t just about renting a car for Uber or Other Ride-Sharing platforms.

When you partner with us you get access to the following benefits.

Insider tips

We train you and give you the tools to maximize your earnings. Our representatives will meet with you one on one.

Saving money on gas

All Expressway cars are fuel efficient in order to save you money and keep more in your pocket

Maximize your earnings

We help you drive with the major 10 ride-sharing platforms in Ontario: Uber, Lyft, Skip The Dishes, Ride Co, Door Dash, Insta cart plus any local restaurant, Amazon delivery and Canada post. 

High millage included

We know you are driving the car as a source of income, and that means long driving hours.

We provide you with 78,000 km per year

including 15,000 km for personal use, which

equals to 1500 km per week.

No other company provides such high millage.

Easy payment planno hidden cost

Expressway plans are straightforward and upfront - you will not get surprise with additional fees. This is because we believe all relationships are built on transparency and trust.

Friendly Service

Say hello to our welcoming community space in Waterloo where you can quickly deal with car maintenance for free

Get back on the road fast with quick and efficient service

Expressway member rewards

We have monthly bonuses such as:

* Cash up to $1,500

* Netflix free account for a full year

* Cinema free tickets 

* Paid apps that help you in your Ride-Sharing

Flexible contracts

Changed your mind? You’re not locked in and can return your car in only four weeks’ Our Contract follows Ontario auto insurance policy.

Referral Program

As a Expressway Member, you are eligible for our referral program. That is $150 cash for any Member you refer.

Bring Your Owen Insurance

We know having coverage for all the ways you drive is important.

Know you’re covered — whether you’re accepting rides or running errands

Make sure it is :

1- Comprehensive insurance ( NOT Third Party)

2- Liability is 1 Million

3- Deductible is $500

Then you are all ready to go and get the car.

Expressway Rent

Available Rent Vehicles

2014-2017 Ford Focus 

  • Our TOP recommendation

  • More comfort for passengers

  • Greater carrying capacity (perfect for those airport runs)

  • Perfect for your customer

$249 per week plus tax.

Why choose Rent?

Expressway Rent puts you in a car on a lower weekly fee. Perfect if you’re just starting out or driving Uber , food delivery on and off.

What’s included?

Expressway Rent inclusions pack

  • 5 star rated vehicle for improved Uber, Lyft and RideCo ratings.

  • All vehicles have passed inspection before you collect.

  • Compliant comprehensive insurance for you and your riders

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Replacement vehicle if your car is involved in an accident

  • Winter tires

  • Safety Certificate

Member Benefits

You will also receive sweet referral bonuses, invites to exclusive events and more. Click here to see the full list of benefits.

Are you eligible?

Do you have a licence and don’t have a criminal record? View the full eligibility criteria on our FAQ page.

Ready when you are.
Become  a driver in less than 24 hours.

(226) 868-9070




— Taylor

“I’m a student at Conestoga college during the day, Uber and delivery driver by night. It’s good to fill in the hours when I need to. Costs mean I wouldn’t normally buy a car, but Expressway made it possible and I love the freedom it brings.”

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