Frequently Asked Questions

Expressway Rent FAQs

How do I qualify for Expressway rental agreement? Rent?

You must be at least 25 years old
Own a smartphone with a data plan
Have valid Canadian Driver’s License
Have no criminal record
Have a good driving record. We cannot accept the following:
More than three minor offences in the last three years (1-3 demerit points each, not including double demerit periods);
Any major offences in the last three years (5+ point offences or suspensions, not including fine defaults/double demerit periods);
Any drug or alcohol infractions at any time;
Any excessive violations or suspensions, or serious individual offences

What vehicles do you offer?

We offer you a choice of the following vehicle: Sedan 2014/2017 FORD FOCUS SE
$249/week excluding HST (1150km included per week $0.10 per extra km excluding HST)
Fuel type: Regular Petrol
Fuel Efficient:
ANCAP Safety Rating: 5/5 Stars Please note: For all our vehicles the Safety certificate and winter approved tires for the winter months.

Does Expressway issue credit?

No, Expressway does not issue credit. All Expressway’s rental plans are paid one week in advance.

Do you take care of servicing?

As part of the weekly rental fee, we cover your scheduled oil change 4 times per year and warranty maintenance costs. Scheduled maintenance is required every 12,000km on your vehicle will be off the road for up to one day ( 24 Hours ). Flat Tyres (Hirer is responsible for costs associated with puncture repair, tire replacement) Additionally, all Expressway vehicles come with an extensive factory manufacturer’s warranty to cover the cost of most defects. However, it’s your responsibility to cover all repairs that are not under warranty, including but not limited to punctures, panel damage, and all other non wear and tear items. If unsure, contact your Expressway representative.

How many km are included?

Your Expressway vehicle comes with a 1150 km per week allowance. If you go over the included weekly allowance you’ll pay 10c per km for additional operating and maintenance costs. What if I get a flat tyre? Flat tyres are not covered by warranty/insurance. Contact John at ( ) and arrange to have the tyre replaced at your cost.

What if there are small scratches when I return the vehicle?

We operate in accordance with the FORD EXPRESSWAY Fair Wear and Tear Guide; wear and tear that is reasonable given the age/kms on your vehicle is acceptable. IF the vehicle is returned with damage that falls outside Fair Wear and Tear, you will be charged the deductible, plus two weeks rent in lue of notice.

How much does it cost?

There is a one-time fee of $200 tax included, This fee to be paid to Service Ontario and it is to cover the plate cost, because the plate will be under your name and that makes it your property.

There is also a one-time membership fee of $300 tax icluded. to be received up front before you get the car from Expressway, This fee allows access to Expressway Member Benefits but we also use it to conduct background and credit checks, process your application, and deliver your vehicle.
So you sould have a total of $500 in order to get the car: $300 Membersip fee to be paid to Expressway $200 Plating fee to be paid to Service Ontario

What does the weekly fee cover?

In addition to the vehicle rental, the fee covers your insurance, registration, regular servicing and maintenance.

If I take a rental break, do I need to pay the joining fee again?

Yes. If you have a break in your rental you will still be required to pay the fee once you commence driving again

What happens if I breach my contract and am unable to pay?

If you are unable to pay for the rental costs of the vehicle, you need to communicate with your Member Success Representative ahead of time. Within the full year you have 4 notices of late payment, Rental must be paid within 48 hours of falling short and will be subject to a $5.00 per each late day administration fee, otherwise Expressway may elect to cancel your agreement. Additional fees apply.

how do I cancel/end my contract? Is there a minimum rental period?

Expressway contract follows Ontario standard insruance, which is a commetment of one year with the an option of caneling at any point. In order to end your contract with Ford express way you must give a 2 week written notice to your representative What if I want to return the vehicle within the first 2 weeks? If you change your mind you can return your vehicle within the minimum rental period, however a $500 early exit fee applies.

How do I return my vehicle and are there fees?

In order to return your vehicle you must give two weeks notice – in writing – to your Expressway representative by email at We may need to charge a re-fuelling and/or cleaning fee of $150, if the car isn’t returned with a full tank of fuel and professionally cleaned at the end of your rental period.

Could my weekly rental fees change?

Expressway’s Rent plans includes an amount for government and insurance charges that are outside our control. If these change, we may need to increase (or decrease!) your weekly rental fees by this amount.

How do I pay for Tolls, Fines and Infringements?

All tolls, fines and infringements are processed by yourself because the plate of the car is under your name. We encourage all Members to pay tickets within 3 days of receiving them, to avoid additional fees.

What other fees should I expect?

Other than the rental fee you are responsible for your own cellular plan to use the ridesharing apps. You are also responsible for all toll charges and all parking infractions, since the plate is under your name all of the infractions will go directly to you

What is my weekly fees and what it covers?

The weekly rental fee starts at $249 (ex HST). This includes 1150km per week.
Expressway charges one week in advance to be received every Monday at 10 am be E transfer. This will include excess KM’s from the previous week, and any additional fees such as fines or infringements.