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You'll be behind wheel happy too...

Ford Expressway Difference

Expressway is more than a vehicle hire company. We offer you a complete service to help you become a safer, more profitable and happier driver.


Fast membership registration 
After we receive the insurance approval on your driving Rid-sharing, you will have the car with in one business day, that means you can make income as soon as 24 hours.

Professional development for increased earnings and better ratings You’ll get exclusive access to the best training in the business and be part of a community of drivers where everyone is trying, just like you, to succeed.


Splend Member Rewards

Think you’re good behind the wheel? Drive safely to earn yourself fuel vouchers to help minimise the cost of being on the road.

Be your own boss
Bad boss? Unsatisfying job? Driving with Splend is never dull and gives you the flexibility to pursue your passions outside of earning an income.


More ways to earn with our Partner Referral Program
Earn big bucks off the road by introducing your mates to Splend.

Exclusive Splend Member events
Whether it’s an event or a meet-up in Toronto, our get-togethers are for knowledge sharing and community building.


Start a business with MINIMAL startup costs
How much does it cost to start a business? Maybe 20k? Not with Splend. This is your opportunity to start a business straight away, without the heavy upfront costs.

We’re an eco-friendly company, so your emissions are offset.
We’re an eco-friendly company, so when you choose Splend, you’re supporting an eco friendly attitude towards our environment.


Get to know your city
Where is the best canadian cuisine or best sightseeing spot in Toronto? Explore your city and become an expert on all the secret gems that Toronto has to offer. And get paid for it.

New model, fuel-efficient cars
There is no point in working hard for rides if your car has a high rate fuel consumption. We work directly with the manufacturers to bring you the most fuel-efficient models without sacrificing the joy of driving.


Totally flexible hours
If you need extra money, just jump in the car – no need to beg your boss for extra shifts, With Splend, you are the boss.

Meet and interact from all types of people
Interact with people from all walks of life. One of the best things about driving Uber is meeting and learning from such a diverse customer base.


One on one support
We support our members to be the best drivers they can be with regular meet ups, rideshare trainings and tips.

We’re Number 1 Canada wide. You can count on our reliability and service
It’s a new industry, and we’re proud to be first company providing rental cars  not only for Uber drivers in Canada but for all

7 Rid-Sharing platforms in Ontario including Uber, Lyft, RideCo, Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, and Instacart.We’re a specialist operation, here for the long term determined to stay No One.


Investment in technology to make your life easier
We’re always looking at new ways to make the job of driving safer and more enjoyable.

Monthly bonuses
Each month has its own bonus:

one month has a weekly earning guarantee

another month has cash up to $1,500

another has a full year of NETFLIX membership

another has Cinema free tickets

another has special paid apps that helps you maximize your earning with ride sharing 


Opportunity to own your own new car
Expressway is in the process of developing our Rent to Own rental program. Each time you pay rent, it will go toward owning the vehicle. Launching soon! Register your interest now.

Any more reasons?

If you’re a Splend Member, why not let us know why you love driving with us. Send your feedback to

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